Briards are a medium to large breed (56-68 cm) They are strong, muscular, extremely agile and supple with a long shaggy coat. Usual colors are black, slate grey or various shades of fawn ranging from a pale cream to a deep rich gold. Fawn Briards may or may not have black muzzles and ear tips and often have varying amounts of black or grey shading across the neck and shoulders. Texture is slightly wavy and quite coarse (described as a goat like coat) with a medium undercoat.  Ears are medium sized, hang down and very mobile and expressive. There should be ample beard and moustache hair and a long 'fringe' covering the eyes and ears - and yes - they can see through the gaps in the fringe!!

Briards are very intelligent - quick to learn but quick to take advantage of any lack of determination on the part of the owner. (You must be absolutely certain that he's not allowed on the bed or he'll keep pushing till you give in!!!) Described as 'gay and lively' -they enjoy life and show it - 'full-on'. They can and do spent time asleep tucked away in a corner when there is nothing happening - but they are just conserving their energy for when it really matters! Extremely affectionate - they live for their owner's company and are happier lying at (or on!) your feet while you sit reading a book, than outside playing without you. They will follow you all through the house - even into the bathroom!! They are excellent guard-dogs without being vicious. With their acute hearing nothing gets by un-noticed (very reassuring if you are alone in the house at night!). They bark only as a warning, but when they do, both bark and growl are fearsome!
Adult Briards are amiable, tolerant and enjoy children of all ages and puppies are fine with children over 4 years old. Boisterous puppies however, can become too overwhelming for some pre-schoolers to cope with. Dogs should never be left alone with children! Because a Briard's greatest enjoyment in life is to be with you, sharing in the family activities, he needs to be largely an indoor dog. The greatest cruelty you can inflict on a Briard is to keep him shut outside 'missing out' when his family is at home. For such a boisterous dog they make excellent house dogs and are very quickly house trained.

Briards learn most things quickly and easily provided you set limits and stick to them consistently. But as with any breed they will pick up bad habits just as easily if allowed. Briards are happiest to be sharing your company whatever you are doing. They will love long walks where they can explore ahead but continually return to 'check in' with their owners.