Fourcas (3 years of age)

Date of birth : 01 03 2010
NHSB: 2778390
HD A Norberg value 38
CSNB: free
ECVO: free
Ectopic Urether: Clear
Wither height: 64 cm
Character test OK in Germany, Belgium and Holland
German Youth Champion VDH and BCD
Luxemboug Youth Champion
Dutch Youth Champion
Amsterdam Youth Winner '10
Bundesjugendsieger '10
Selected in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium
Dutch Champion
Pedigree : CLICK HERE

oktober Dortmund (D) 1 Excellent Bundesjugendsieger 2010, Mrs Loew (D)
november Amsterdam (NL) 1 Excellent Jeugdwinner 2010, mr de Gids (NL)
december Kassel (D) 1 Excellent, Mrs De Brouwer (F)

january Nürnberg (D) 1 Excellent, Mrs Zelenka (D), Nürnberg Youth Winner
Definitive VDH and BCD Youth Champion
february Eindhoven (NL) 1 Excellent, BOS CC. Mr Pécoult (F)
march Luxembourg 1 Excellent, Lux. Youthwinner, Lux. Youth Champion, Mrs Manton (IRL)
april Goes 1 Excellent, best of breed CC, mevr Bakker-vd Woestijne (NL) Dutch Youth Champion
mai Clubmatch NBC 2 Excellent, mevr Werkmeister (D)


february Eindhoven Exc 1, BOB, CC, Dhr Douma (NL)
april Goes Exc 1, BOS, CC, Mrs Van Deijl (NL)