October 27th

Pocahontas has become a proud mother of 4 puppies. 2/2. Mother and kids are doing just fine.


September 28th

An echo has shown that Pocahontas is pregnant.


September 19th
German Champion Souris has been covered by Multi Champion Noel d'Orton Majkolandia. Within a week we will know whether she is pregnant for sure or not.



October 8th
An ultrasonic scan showed us that Didi is pregnant. Puppies are expected somewehere around the 10th of november.


September 13th
Didi was mated by Multi Champion Cannibal Jag de la Chaume du Bois Dieu. De mating went sponteanously with lots of paying. Jag lives East of Paris and is Chapion of Switzerland, France, Germany and Luxemburg, Further he is Winner of the European Briard Club Match, UEBB, and is also Winner of the biggest Dogshow in the World, The Crufts in England. Above he has a wondrful character and is free of HD, eye anamalie and so on. In 4 weks time we will know whether Didi is truefully pregnant. People with interest can get in contact.


Jag Didi



September 1st

Please check under News


February 19th
The puppies all went to their new owners.

The names of the puppies are Goya, Gigolo. Gotcha, Gauthier. Gigi en Gwen.


January 6th

As of yesterday Didi is a foster parent of 2 Irish Terrier. They weren't accepted by their mother. So as of now the photos will show 2 really small "Briard puppies".




December 30th

The first pictures can be found HERE


December 27th

Didi gave birth to 4 boys and 2 girls. There will be photos in the gallery soon.


Available to the new puppie owners, works only with Internet Explorer and Windows

Camera 1


Available to the new puppie owners, works only with Internet Explorer and Windows

camera 2

23rd of November
Didi has shown to be pregnant. She was mated by Ch Sel. Daywalker Blade aux Pattes Velues, German Youth Champion, Amsterdam Youth Winner, Selected in France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. German Champion and UEBB Winner


Blade and Didi


When interested please get in contact. For more info about Blade CLICK HERE
To check out the pedigree click on the name of your choice: Blade Didi

End of november an echo will show whether Didi is pregnant or not. If so you will find more information about the sire used on this page.


June 18th and 19th the puppies will go to their new owners.
Their names are:
Dogs: Gaudi, Gauguin, Gizmo and Gaspard.
Bitches: Geisha, Galida and Galette.
We wish them all a wonderful life.

Pictures of the litter can be found HERE


April 28th
Romy gave birth to 10 puppies. 4 boys and 6 girls. The future puppy-owners can login to the webcam and follow Romy and the pups.


link to camera


March 26th
Romy is pregnant. Puppies will be born around the 30th of April.


February 27th
Romy was mated by Usually the Best Moravia Campanella. In four weeks we will know whther she is really pregnant.


February 11th
Romy has gone into heat. She will be mated with Usually the Best Moravia Campanella. People with interest can announce themselves.