The real success of Du Pré Étendu were coming when Rochelle du Pâturage Chevalier was purchased in 1993. She was bred by Jean and Francine Dumont.

She is the true matriarch of the present dogs. Her beauty was already noticed when she became the best puppy at the Clubmatch of the KC Dordrecht at the age of 7 months. After that, she won a great number of prices. She was Dutch Champion and at the Clubmatch of the Dutch Braird club she was the best bitch of 127 entries. In 1996 she had her first litter and gave birth to a total of 28 puppies.

As an example for her strength and appearance, the following story; When she was mating with Norton des Plaines de Brotonne, Mme Valerie Denicou was convinced that she was only three years old. In fact she was almost eight years!!!

She died  on the 3rd of april 2003, just two days before her 10th birthday.