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Du Pré Étendu

Kennel ‘Du Pré Étendu’ was founded in 1990, after we got our first Briard in 1986. Since 2001 the typical Dutch breed Schapendoes lives at our cottage too. We live in ‘s-Heer Abtskerke. A beautiful small village in the very heart of the provence of Zeeland.

Du Pré Étendu means stretched meadow which stands for the view from our home. At the end of the garden the sheep are grazing. Du Pré Étendu is a small breeder. We think that the match between the puppy and the new owner is the most important.
If you are interested in a puppy, we would like to get acquainted first. We will take the preference of the future owner for a puppy into account, but matching comes first. The breeding is subjected to the rules of the Dutch Briard Association and the Dutch Kennel Club
All parent animals are checked on health problems and character according to the above mentioned standards. Especially, hips and eyes and character. Ofcourse the beauty standard is very well met.

All puppies are born and raised in our house. During their stay with the mother they can get familiar with many things they will experience in their future live and become reliable and self-conscience  dogs.




Multi Champion Rochelle du Pâturage Chevalier


The real success of Du Pré Étendu were coming when Rochelle du Pâturage Chevalier was purchased in 1993. She was bred by Jean and Francine Dumont. She is the true matriarch of the present dogs. Her beauty was already noticed when she became the best puppy at the Clubmatch of the KC Dordrecht at the age of 7 months. After that, she won a great number of prices. She was Dutch Champion and at the Clubmatch of the Dutch Braird club she was the best bitch of 127 entries. In 1996 she had her first litter and gave birth to a total of 28 puppies.

As an example for her strength and appearance, the following story; When she was mating with Norton des Plaines de Brotonne, Mme Valerie Denicou was convinced that she was only three years old. In fact she was almost eight years!!!

The Briard

Briards are a medium to large breed (56-68 cm) They are strong, muscular, extremely agile and supple with a long shaggy coat. Usual colors are black, slate grey or various shades of fawn ranging from a pale cream to a deep rich gold. Fawn Briards may or may not have black muzzles and ear tips and often have varying amounts of black or grey shading across the neck and shoulders. Texture is slightly wavy and quite coarse (described as a goat like coat) with a medium undercoat.  Ears are medium sized, hang down and very mobile and expressive. There should be ample beard and moustache hair and a long 'fringe' covering the eyes and ears - and yes - they can see through the gaps in the fringe!!

Briards are very intelligent - quick to learn but quick to take advantage of any lack of determination on the part of the owner. (You must be absolutely certain that he's not allowed on the bed or he'll keep pushing till you give in!!!) Described as 'gay and lively' -they enjoy life and show it - 'full-on'. They can and do spent time asleep tucked away in a corner when there is nothing happening - but they are just conserving their energy for when it really matters! Extremely affectionate - they live for their owner's company and are happier lying at (or on!) your feet while you sit reading a book, than outside playing without you. They will follow you all through the house - even into the bathroom!! They are excellent guard-dogs without being vicious. With their acute hearing nothing gets by un-noticed (very reassuring if you are alone in the house at night!). They bark only as a warning, but when they do, both bark and growl are fearsome!
Adult Briards are amiable, tolerant and enjoy children of all ages and puppies are fine with children over 4 years old. Boisterous puppies however, can become too overwhelming for some pre-schoolers to cope with. Dogs should never be left alone with children! Because a Briard's greatest enjoyment in life is to be with you, sharing in the family activities, he needs to be largely an indoor dog. The greatest cruelty you can inflict on a Briard is to keep him shut outside 'missing out' when his family is at home. For such a boisterous dog they make excellent house dogs and are very quickly house trained.

Briards learn most things quickly and easily provided you set limits and stick to them consistently. But as with any breed they will pick up bad habits just as easily if allowed. Briards are happiest to be sharing your company whatever you are doing. They will love long walks where they can explore ahead but continually return to 'check in' with their owners.




The dogs


du Pré Étendu

Date of birth: 31 03 2008
NHSB: 2698152
HD A Norbergwaarde 33
CSNB: free
ECVO: free
Wither height: 60 cm
Behavoral test passed in FR en NL
Selectioné: NL
Best young dog NBC and BCD 2009
Dutch (Youth) Champion
Pedigree: CLICK HERE


Enfant par la Garrigue

Date of birth: 08 01 2013
NHSB: 3054795 imp. Duitsland
CSNB: free
ECVO: free
Wither height: 60 cm
Behavoral test passed in NL
EU no signs
German VDH-Champion
Pedigree: CLICK HERE



du Pré Étendu

Date of birth: 27 10 2016
NHSB: 3061886
HD C Norbergwaarde 30
CSNB: free
ECVO: not yet tested
Wither height: 63 cm

Behavoral test passed in N + Evaluation NBC

EU no signs, Gen-test 81, Class 1
Best bred Briard bitch at the Clubmatch of the BVN 2021
Pedigree: CLICK HERE


van de Bloemenweide

Date of birth: 10 04 2013
NHSB: 2920295
PRA-gentest: free

ECVO: no signs
Pedigree: CLICK HERE







aus dem Altenautal

Date of birth: 08 07 2015

NHSB 3054794 imp. Duitsland

HD: A Norbegwaarde 40

CSNB: free

ECVO: not yet tested

EU: no signs

Stamboom: CLICK HERE

Behavoral test passed in NL





du Pré Étendu

Date of birth: 06-13-2019

NHSB: 3161854

HD: nnb

CSNB: nnb

ECVO: nnb

EU: Gen test nnb
Selectionée NL




Latest news

Mnemosyne and Pâquerette both pregnant. Puppies expected at the end of may..



Mnemosyne du Pré Étendu en Onix de la Clef du Bonheur



Pâquerette du Pré Étendu en Simba de Los Niegos




Mnemosyne gave birth to 7 puppies, 3 males and 4 females, on the 17th of March.



Pocahontas has been mated by Onix de la Clef du Bonheur. App. mai 6th an echo will give the answer to being pregnant or not.




October 27th

Pocahontas has become a proud mother of 4 puppies. 2/2. Mother and kids are doing just fine.


September 28th

An echo has shown that Pocahontas is pregnant.


September 19th
German Champion Souris has been covered by Multi Champion Noel d'Orton Majkolandia. Within a week we will know whether she is pregnant for sure or not.

Mai 12th
Fourcas will become a Daddy again. This time Ma Cherie de la Citadelle Fort will be the mother.


June 3rd
Didi has been covered by Idole Blond van de Hoolhoeve.
Around july 1st an echo will prove whether she is pregnant or not.

People with interest may give us a call or write us an e-mail.



December 28th

Fourcas has become a dad again. This time of 4 boys and 5 girls.


December 1st

Fourcas is going to be a daddy again. Proud mother of the upcoming litter is the Franch bitch Douchka de la Tour St Genin, bred by Annie Tabutaud.


September 26th

The next litter for which people can show interest is end of 2015 ;-)


August 31st

Didi has been covered by Multi Champion Usually the Best Moravia Campanella. A top dog which has proven to be very successful within the Du Pré Étendu kennel. Delivering puppies ot outstanding quality, both in looks as in character. The expectations therefor are very high. Around september 25th an echo will prove whether she is pregnant or not.

People with interest may give us a call or write us an e-mail.


August 16th

Didi has come into heat. She will be mated with Multi Champion Usually the Best Moravia Campanella For more info about him CLICK HERE


February 6th

Totally unexpected Galette died of a cardiac arrest. All puppies died too (11)


January 8th

Galette is pregnant. An ultra sound showed us. Puppies are expected for february 10th.




December 11th

Galette was mated by Multi Champion Cannibal Jag de la Chaume du Bois Dieu. De mating went sponteanously with lots of paying. Jag is Champion of Switzerland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Winner of the European Briard Club Match, UEBB, and also Winner of the biggest Dog Show in the World, The Crufts in England. Finally he is also World Champion.

Above all he has a wondrful character and is free of HD andeye anomalie. In 4 weeks time we will know whether Galette is truelly pregnant. People with interest can get in contact.

At the start of summertime Gigolo (Guenni) out of the combination Daywalker Blade x Didi gained the title Luxembourg Youth Champion. We congratulate owner Mechtild Winking (Germany) with this success and send her a warm "Thank You"


February 5th
Louis (Fourcas) has become a father again. This time of 13 puppies, 8 boys and 5 girls. Mama is Jade, she lives in Sweden, nearby Stockholm. For more information please click here




October 8th
An Echo showed that Didi is pregnant.


September 15th
Galette has been Selected for Holland. Judges were Frau Comby (CH) and Mevr. Runderkamp (NL). We are so proud! She is only 17 months old.


September 13th
Didi was mated by Multi Champion Cannibal Jag de la Chaume du Bois Dieu. De mating went sponteanously with lots of paying. Jag lives East of Paris and is Champion of Switzerland, France, Germany and Luxemburg, Further he is Winner of the European Briard Club Match, UEBB, and is also Winner of the biggest Dog Show in the World, The Crufts in England. Above all he has a wondrful character and is free of HD and eye anomalie. In 4 weeks time we will know whether Didi is truelly pregnant. People with interest can get in contact.


September 1st

Didi got into heat and will be mated. As soon as the mating was succesful you will find information about the Stud here.


July 30th
Galette gaines 4th place Excellent at the German Briard Clubmatch. Romy comes in as 1st Excelent in the Veteran Class


July 1st
Duc, brother of Galette, wins at a Doggy Dance contest. We gratulate his owner, Flo.

June 28th
Fourcas will become a Daddy again. An ultrasound showed that Bichette is pregnant.


June 16th
Galette gets an Excellent 3 at the UEBB. Romy gets an Excellent 2.


June 9th
Galette wins her third show, in Holland, in a row. Due to this result she gained the title Duch Youth Champion. We are proud of her.
In spite of earlier publication Romy will not be mated. She has reached the age of 96 month.


May 20th
Galette gets an excellent at the World Dog Show in Salzburg. Being attacked by another dog just as she entered the show ring she didn't perform as she normally does. Pitty! It also could be that 3 shows and driving over 3000 km in one week is asking too much of such a young dog.


May 18th
At the Pastoral Group special called the Joe Kat Show Galette wins her first CC and becomes Best of breed. In the ring of honour she came in 8th. A tremendous success for such a young bitch. Coming out of the youth class with competition in the intermediate, open and champion class.

May 12th
Galette wins also on her third exposition. She gains, in Dortmund Germany, the Youth CC and the title Europajugendsiegerin 2012.

April 21st
Galette 1 Excellent in Goes (NL). She gaines her first Youth CC to become Dutch Youth Champion. Didi, after a show sabbatical of two years, gaines the res CC/res CACIB and gaines the title Dutch Champion. Fourcas gets his 4th CC in a row in Holland and is now Dutch Champion also. Just at the age of 27 month. A wonderfull day for DPE.


April 1st
Galette gaines the title Luxembourg Youth Champion in Luxembourg. She was attending her very first show :-)




Februari 19th
Puppies have gone to their new owners. Fourcas, as from today, living in Germany still formely owned by me.


3 februari
Fourcas best of breed in Eindhoven. Also 9th in the pastoral group.


December 27th
The puppies are born. Please check it out at the "Puppies" page


November 23rd
Didi has shown to be pregnant.


October 23rd
Didi has been mated. At the end of november, after the echo has proven she is indeed pregnant, you will find more information here

about the sire used.


October 16th
Puppies were born on September 12th.


August 12th
Fourcas (Louis) will be graduated to the title Daddy. Gin Fizz has proven to be pregnant. In a couple of days the website of Gin Fizz will be updated. Puppies are due to be born at the september 16th


July 17th
Fourcas (Louis) has mated Gin Fizz (Emma) Enfant par la Garrigue.


March 26th
Romy is pregnant. Puppies will be born around the 30th of April.


March 3rd
Usually was found to be free of any signs of Ectopic Ureter (EU).


March 2nd
Fourcas and Fleau has proven both to be free of hipdysplasia (HD A).


March 1st
Usually the best Moravia Campanella (Ozzie) will be living with us for the next couple of months.


February 27th
Romy was mated by Usually the Best Moravia Campanella. In four weeks we will know whther she is really pregnant.


February 5th
Fourcas wins again in Eindhoven (NL). This means he has won 5 out of 5. This time he even Best male dog en gained his first CC. This at the age of only 13 month old.


January 15th
Fourcas also wins at his third exposition in Germany and gains the title German Youth Champion VDH and BCD.




2017 Young Dog day of the Dutch Briard Association the M-litter (Pocahontas x Noel D'Orton Majkolandia) was announced best litter


Mnemosyne has been mated by Onix de la Clef du Bonheur. February 14th Echo


van alles wat

Hieronder vindt u een aantal nuttige zaken aangaande Briards en Schapendoezen en een eerbetoon aan de honden van vroeger

Interessante literatuur

Het honden sport en spellen boek
P. Beekman, Reaal Uitgevers Lisse
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Gedrag en Gehoorzaamheid van honden
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Hond en homeopathie
A. Westerhuis, Uitgeverij Homeovisie B.V. Alkmaar
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For ever "Du Pré Étendu"


Vélu Romée

du Pré Étendu

12 05 2004 - 08 11 2016


du Pré Étendu

28 04 2011 - 06 02 2014


du Pré Étendu

01 07 1999 - 10 11 2010


du Pré Étendu

11 09 1996 - 15 04 2007


du Pâturage Chevalier

05 04 1993 - 03 04 2003


van de Ridderweide

01-12-1989 - 05 03 1995


van de Ridderweide

13 05 1986 - 10 04 1996










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